Come in and make yourself at home...


That is a phrase that people often hear when they visit an old friend or family member.  It makes you feel like that person really wants you to be around.  That is the same kind of message that we want to convey at our church.

Back when I was in the army, I attempted to go to several different churches.  One church would embarrass you by making you stand up and tell a little about yourself while another left you feeling like no one in the building even wanted you there.  This discouraged me from wanting to go to church.

If we are to be a light to the world, we must be inviting and make people feel wanted.  This is our goal and desire at Community Full Gospel Church.

Please come and join us for a wonderful spirit-filled service.  We have some great Sunday School classes for all ages, wonderful music and singing, and of course a message from the Word of God.  

Pastor Kevin Alfred
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